Define and Reward Key Advice


Advisors are critical to a startups success, and provide crucial support to founders. An Advisor Agreement documents the expectations, obligations and rewards to align advisors to the startups trajectory.

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When You Use It


Typically a startup will formalise it’s advisory relationships when offering a fee or equity for the advisory services, or the startup just wants to lock down a great advisor to add credibility to the team.


The role of the advisor is challenging – and without clarity on the time expectation, the actual scope of advisory service, and the initial duration, it’s easy for the relationship to go south. Furthermore, the concept of providing equity for those services needs to be documented properly to avoid complicated back-filling at a later stage. Not all advisor relationships work out positively, so having a clear standard of advisory services and a way to recoup equity is essential to avoid protracted disputes.

How We Help


You get to talk to someone who has advised hundreds of startups about their advisors

You will know ensure that fees (including equity) are properly documented

You will present professionally to your new advisor

Both parties will clearly understand their rights and obligations

We make sure the document gets signed

You have a professional document re-usable for future advisors

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