Company Registration

Fast Professional Incorporation


We set companies up the right way, the first time. Our startup lawyers have established hundreds of companies, and you will receive a certificate of registration, share certificates and all initial consents and authorisations. Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence of knowing everything is correct and ready for the future.

  • $750 Standard Price*
  • Ready in 1 Hour**
  • Includes $576 ASIC fee

When You Use a Company


Companies are the preferred vehicle for operating startups. Companies separate the liability of the owners from the Company’s activities, and allow for participation by multiple parties through shareholdings.  For Australian-resident founders we usually recommend holding shares in a family trust. Companies in Australia are formed under the Corporations Act 2001 and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

How We Help


You get to the services of an experienced startup lawyer.

You get informed of any associated services or documents you may require.

We make sure all formation documents are finalised for future records keeping.

You get the comfort of knowing your company has been professionally established.

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