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Using third-party service providers is a normal part of a startup. Using a contractor agreement will define quality of services, while managing delivery risks, payment terms and IP handling.

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When You Use It


When a startup engages a contractor to provide services – especially involving developing IP for the startup – it is crucial to define that relationship.


Unlike employment relationships, a contractor has no inherent duties to the startup, and in particular any IP created will reside with the contractor.


Clarifying service relationships at the commencement of the services provides a natural incentive to define the roles, duties and responsibilities of each party.

How We Help


You get to talk to someone who has advised hundreds of startups about their contractors.

You will know ensure that fees, IP and liability are properly documented.

Both parties will clearly understand their rights and obligations

We make sure the document gets signed.

You have a professional document re-usable for future contractors.

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