The Dream-Scheme for Team Equity


An employee share scheme is used to issue small amounts of equity (under 10%) to employees, contractors, advisors and external directors in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner.

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When You Use It


Creating a pool of equity for team members is an important tool for startups to retain and compensate their team members. Using a compliant employee share scheme (we generally use an “employee share option plan” aka ESOP) you can take advantage of government-designed tax concessions to make issuing equity to team members easy, fast and affordable. Using options makes linking equity to performance and service through vesting easy to implement and manage. However there are strict procedures and documentation standards required to ensure that the grant of options doesn’t have adverse taxation consequences.

How We Help


You get to talk to someone who has advised hundreds of startups about their team member equity

You will have an equity plan that reflects how you wish to incentivise, compensate and retain key people in your startup

You will understand the procedure and obligations when issue options to team members

Both parties will clearly understand the way the plan and options work

We make sure the ESOP is fully adopted by the company, the ESOP Offer is signed and the options are issued

You have a professional ESOP Offer document re-usable for future team members

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