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An Employment Agreement clearly sets out the employment relationship. Make sure there are no questions over expectations, and what happens in the event of misconduct or the employee leaves.

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When You Use It


Hiring employees is a major step in a startup’s life, and usually a big milestone for a founder. Similarly, working for a startup is an exciting, yet often risky, choice of job. Ensuring that the relationship is documented from the beginning will help ensure that expectations are aligned. The most important part of an employment agreement is defining the standards of service – especially in a startup where the role may change over time. This then critically links into remuneration (including commissions, bonuses and equity), intellectual property protection, non-competes, confidentiality and acting in the company’s best interests. An employment agreement will reflect the law on things like leave and notice periods, so no one is left guessing. Preparing a good employment agreement for your first employee creates a terrific standard to build on as a startup continues to hire.

How We Help


You get to talk to someone who has worked on the hiring, management (and sometimes firing) of hundreds of employees

You will know the rights of both the employer and employee

You will understand how to use any restraints and non-competes being reasonable and responsible

You will present professionally to your new recruit

Both parties will clearly understand their rights and obligations

We make sure the document gets signed

You have a professional document re-usable for future employees


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