Discretionary (Family) Trust

Trusts for Startup Founders


We set trusts up the right way, the first time. Trust deeds are legal documents and forming a trust is a legal process. Our lawyers and agents help establish hundreds of trusts every year.

  • $440 Standard Price*
  • Ready to Use the Next Day**
  • Excludes Stamp Duty (where payable)
  • Professional Advice

When You Use It


A discretionary trust (also referred to as a family trust) is generally accepted as the best way for founders to protect the asset that is their shares in their startup venture. Using a trust also may provide for improved flexibility in managing tax affairs. Establishing a trust before you incorporate a company ensures there are no unexpected taxation consequences from transferring shares into a trust later on. Trusts can be used to hold any type of asset.

How We Help


Your trust is established as part of a professional legal strategy.

All documents are prepared by lawyers.

We sign documents on your behalf so you receive a working trust.

We provide both digital and paper copies of your signed trust deed.

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