Term Sheet

The Fastest Way to a Great Deal.


The General Standards Term Sheet is used negotiate the financial terms and shareholder matters  with investors in a startup.

  • $990 Standard Price*
  • First Draft Ready in 3 Hours**
  • Includes Consultations & Amendments**

When You Use It


Whenever negotiating an investment in a startup, founders need a clear document that summarises the financial elements of deal along with the way the company will be owned and operated post-investment. The Term Sheet summarises all these moving parts in a way that makes it easy for founders and investors to discuss and negotiate all the important parts of a deal.


General Standards has advised on 125+ early stage capital raisings, and part of the Term Sheet service is providing founders with advice, strategy and confidence going into investor negotiations. The outcome of a good Term Sheet is a fast closing of the investment, as it reduces any negotiation of important terms in the deal after the handshake.

How We Help


An experienced startup capital raising lawyer provides upfront advice.

The Term Sheet is prepared summarising all parts of the company and the deal.

We provide advice and support in the background to help you get the deal agreed.

You can use the Term Sheet for numerous investors.

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