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Seeking seed money is serious business. Make sure it’s done right…

Raising capital can be a challenging reality for many startups. Dealing with potential investors and managing investment in the business is often a new experience for entrepreneurs, but one that is difficult to undo if not handled correctly.

General Standards’ lawyers have advised on tens of millions of dollars of investment in private companies. We can assist with preparing your business for seed financing so you can offer investment legally and professionally.

Our service includes advice on strategy and the necessary documents, such as term sheets, stock purchase agreements, board and stockholder resolutions, a review of your bylaws, and an overhaul of the Certificate of Incorporation so the preference shares can be issued. We help determine the optimum number of shares to issue to investors, setting the share price and assisting to determine investor rights.

Capital raising with General Standards gives you an expert in your corner. General Standards will either help you to run your own investment process, or can negotiate and deal directly with investors and their advisors on your behalf.

If you want to make sure sure that you are beginning your capital raising the right way, talk to General Standards first – it’s free.


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